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          the knox school invites prospective parents and their children to enjoy a tour of the school. the tour is an opportunity to observe classrooms in action and to see our facilities, and to talk with the principal, mr allan shaw; heads of school and our student leaders about the school’s programs and offerings.

          announcing 2021 tours

          taking the time to visit a school is time well invested and is the only real way you can determine if a school is right for your child prior to enrolling.  seeing the campus in action along with having the opportunity to speak with the principal, key staff and students allows you to see and hear firsthand from those who know and experience all that the school has to offer.

          the pandemic has seen it next to impossible to allow onsite campus tours for much of this year.  whilst physical tours cannot be conducted at present, you are encouraged to explore our website.  a school is much more than buildings and facilities and while seeing a classroom in action on any one day is beneficial in capturing a sense of the environment, much of a school’s offerings cannot always be captured at a glance.

          our approach at the knox school centres on four key principles:

          • connect:  real learning is relational;
          • shape:  real learning requires expert teaching
          • provoke:  real learning is challenging
          • position:  real learning must be purposeful

          the principal’s video on this page is a shortened adaptation of information that is presented at a school tour and you are encouraged to take the time to view this as a starting point.  along with the traditional building of knowledge and academic skills, the following skills known as the 6c’s are recognised as equally essential in a child’s development and future success in their adult life.  the 6c’s are: communication, critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, character and contribution. these important skills that are developed over time are woven through the curriculum right from the early years.

          there is much insight to be gained about a school by taking the time to read through school newsletters, blogs and videos and you are encouraged to do this whilst physical campus tours are not possible.  the links below will take you to where some of these can be viewed:

          tour opportunities will hopefully be made available at some stage between now and the end of this school year.  if you would like to register your interest below, our registrar will contact you in due course when distancing guidelines are eased and the school can allow visitors to its site.

          we are pleased to open the first of our tours for 2021, dependent on government restrictions at the time. further tours will be progressively opened for booking.

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