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          the knox school vision

          the knox school will be recognised as a centre of excellence, focused on the design and implementation of a model of personalised learning that is achievable and attainable within our current educational context.

          the knox school will grow and stimulate the learning and wellbeing of young people to equip them to thrive and contribute in a complex and changing world.

          learning at the knox school is a partnership involving young people, staff and parents, grounded in trust.  this partnership is balanced, appropriately defined and evolves with the developmental stage of the student.

          the knox school will grow a culture of excellence and accomplishment.  this will be an environment where to strive, experiment, fail and strive again is valued and rewarded and to accomplish outcomes beyond expectation is the norm.

          the knox school approach is centred on four key principles:

          • connect: real learning is relational;
          • shape: real learning requires expert teaching;
          • provoke: real learning is challenging;
          • position: real learning must be purposeful.
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