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          the knox school is proud of its state of the art hospitality and food studies centre. we offer food studies as an elective to year 8 and 10 students where they will learn about topics such as basic methods of cookery, foods from around the world, café operations and function and event co-ordination.

          as the students enter vce they have the opportunity to select vet/vce hospitality. students have the option to direct their studies into two streams:
          1. hospitality = bar and wait skills
          2. hospitality (kitchen operations) = cookery skills.

          at the successful completion of each course students will receive a certificate ii in hospitality along with a responsible service of alcohol certificate in stream 1. this will not only assist with students atar scores but also offer credit to courses entered post-secondary.

          the hospitality centre features a variety of commercial ovens, a deep fryer, griddle plate, salamander, a fully equipped bar and a 24 seat café, allowing students to prepare and present many amazing dishes and beverages in an environment that mimics the industry standard.

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