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          the knox school has been a part of the community for more than 38 years. we are old enough to have a proud set of achievements in a relatively young history. these achievements are best exemplified through the successes of our alumni. we build upon the work of those who have preceded us in continuing the development of the school.

          we are also young enough not to be hidebound by tradition. we judiciously take the best of our history and traditions and meld them with contemporary attitudes and behaviours to position our students for their futures.

          my professional experiences in operating at the national level of education policy and politics through my role as chief executive of the association of heads of independent schools of australia (ahisa) has given me a broad understanding of school education in australia and its history. i know a good school when i visit one. when i first visited the knox school i could see and feel the quality of its student culture and the positivity of student and staff interaction. the knox school is a good school and it is my privilege to be a part of, and able to serve this school community.

          one of the major reasons i was attracted to the opportunity to lead this school is that we are a values driven, non-denominational school. we all recognise the cultural and spiritual dimension of each person’s life and relish the diversity that is our community. we commit to the values that bind us into a thriving community.

          our values provide a valuable template to reflect upon our actions and relationships. what we model to others is what they will reflect back to us; how we live our lives influences how others live their lives. others often take more notice of what we do rather than what we say!

          my service to the school community will be based on the school’s core values:

          achievement – accomplishing ‘personal bests’ in the world of work, education and personal development.
          care and compassion – being emotionally and physically supported, helping others and understanding their perspectives.
          resilience – the mental/psychological skill to properly adapt to stress and adversity
          respect – honour or regard for the worth of others.
          responsibility – being personally accountable for and able to make decisions influencing a course of action.

          in providing the best possible education and future opportunities for your children, our students we recognise that there are two journeys through school. the obvious, first journey is the academic journey, building knowledge, skills and understandings of the world in which we live.

          the second journey is equally important but sometimes not so clear cut. that journey is development of our character and personality, our relationships and belonging. this journey is the development of skills and understandings of who we are, how we relate to others, how we see ourselves and how we belong in our families and community.

          combined, these are the journeys of being human: living, relating, belonging and growing in knowledge and understanding.

          for young people to thrive in an uncertain world requires focus and effort on our part, that is, parents and staff working in partnership. the rewards accrue to our young people and they are both significant and attainable.

          for your children, our students to thrive in an uncertain world, they need to take the opportunities collectively provided by us, and they like us, have to show focus and effort, giving of their best and building resilience.

          my experience and knowledge shows our future is bright and positive. i am enthused by the possibilities. i hope you are too!

          allan shaw
          principal and chief executive

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