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          the knox school is an independent, co-educational school located in the eastern suburbs of melbourne.

          established in 1982, the knox school is a modern, dynamic school serving a diverse student population. our core values encompass the celebration of diversity, tolerance of others, a respect for human rights and care for the environment.

          the knox school has an open entry policy and welcomes students of all religious denominations.

          we enrol students from 3 years of age (pre-prep 3) to approximately 18 years of age (year 12).

          the knox school has a specifically designed international program and welcomes students from around the world.

          we offer students a safe and caring learning environment filled with opportunities and challenges that inspire and fulfil them today and into the future.

          for international applications, please contact ms michelle lu on (+61) 3 8805 3800 or email her here

          the knox school aim

          the aim at the knox school is to encourage maximum enrolment in all year levels and also endeavour to maintain a gender balance. to this end, priority may be given to certain students to maintain this balance in accordance with our co-educational ethos.  the school endeavours to keep classroom numbers at 24 or less for students from prep to year 12.

          the school’s preferred entry points in the secondary school are at years 7, 9 or 10.  the school will consider entry at year 11 for exceptional cases.

          children born outside of australia or currently studying overseas

          to be considered a local enrolment, your son or daughter should hold either of the following and all documentation to support this must be submitted with the application for enrolment form:

          • australian passport or citizenship
          • visa that has been granted allowing permanent or temporary residency

          an international student is one who does not hold either of the above and should follow the procedure for international enrolment in the relevant section of this website.

          prerequisites for students studying overseas for secondary entry

          the knox school requires all students requesting entry from year 5 and above to sit an assessment with the australian education assessment services (aeas) and a report should be provided to the school approximately 12 months prior to entry.  the report is but one assessment that the school will use to determine if the student meets with the minimum entry standard for the knox school.  in some cases, students may be asked to sit additional testing arranged by the school.  for further information and testing venues please visit their website www.aeas.com.au .

          enrolment procedure for local enrolments (including temporary and permanent residents)

          to apply for a place at the knox school you are required to submit the following:

          • application for enrolment form (separate application for each child)
          • $110 non-refundable enrolment application fee (inc gst) per application
          • copy of child’s birth certificate
          • for pre-prep and primary school applications, a current immunisation statement is mandatory for entry into the school
          for permanent and temporary residents, in addition to the above
          • copy of visa (permanent and temporary residents only)
          • copy of child’s passport

          please note that the enrolment form is a prerequisite to admission but does not guarantee an interview or admission into the school or for the year level requested.

          offer of places

          once the application for enrolment form has been received, the student’s application will join a general list until the knox school is ready to commence reviewing enrolments for the year level requested. where a year level is waitlisted, priority placement will come into effect (please see below). early enrolment is encouraged and consideration given to families who have attended a school tour.

          you are welcome at any point to contact the knox school to discuss the progress of your enrolment or make any changes to the enrolment year level or year of entry. it is the responsibility of parents to keep the knox school informed of any changes to contact details. the inability to contact you may result in a place at the desired year level not being available.

          priority placement

          where a year level is wait listed then the school will give priority to:

          • siblings of current students
          • enrolments of more than one child
          • children of staff members
          • children of former students
          • in the early learning centre: staying onto prep
          pre-interview process for primary and secondary entry

          prior to any interviews taking place, the admissions office will contact families approximately 18 months prior to entry to request copies of documents such as school reports, naplan reports (if applicable) and educational assessments.  a pre-interview questionnaire will also be provided for completion.  on receipt and review of the documents, families may then be invited to meet with the head of school.

          pre-prep 3 and pre-prep 4 enrolments (early learning centre)

          pre-prep (elc) enrolments are contacted approximately 8 to 10 months prior to entry. a pre-interview questionnaire will be provided for completion and this is to be returned with a current immunisation history statement if not previously supplied.  children that are not fully immunised will not be permitted to enrol into pre-prep, in accordance with the ‘no jab, no play’ legislation. on receipt and review of the documents, families may then be invited to meet with the head of school or early learning coordinator.

          confirmation of placement

          a formal offer of enrolment may be made by the registrar once an interview has been completed and the knox school is satisfied that it will be able to meet with the specific needs of the student. to accept and confirm the place, parents are required to sign and forward the enrolment agreement together with the $1500 confirmation acceptance fee within 14 days from the date of offer, or within such other timeframe advised by the knox school. a portion of the confirmation acceptance fee (currently $750) will then be provided back to the families as a credit towards their term four fees invoice in the first year of enrolment.

          the confirmation acceptance fee is payable per child and is not transferable to a later entry year should the parents decide not to proceed with the initial requested year level. should the enrolment be cancelled prior to the student commencing at the school, the $1500 confirmation acceptance fee will not be refunded.

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