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          we regard bullying as totally unacceptable. students are encouraged to assume a major responsibility for its prevention. staff take reported incidences seriously.

          bullying policy

          the school acknowledges the right of each member of the school community to enjoy school in a secure environment free from verbal, written, gestural, sexual or physical harassment and/or bullying, no matter the channel of communication.

          the school has a clear commitment to promoting the positive uniqueness of each person. this will usually be done through modelling by adults, clear expectations set in student activities.

          the school identifies aspects of curriculum through which positive and lasting influences can be exerted towards forming student’s attitudes and values. explicit teaching and modelling to students is conducted by staff.

          the school will harness the capacity of those not threatened by bullying to influence for good, the culture of the school. these people will assume a role of influence by:

          • listening for problems
          • providing initial support by encouraging the bystanders to feel that they are implicated in the bullying
          • warning the perpetrators that they will feel obliged to report them if their behaviour does not cease
          • reporting the bully/ies if the warning is not heeded. once the report is made, action is taken.

          the school will gather from time to time, via questionnaire, raw data on the extent of bullying occurring in the school.

          the school recognises the need to work in partnership with parents and keep them informed on procedures to improve relationships within the school community.

          the school recognises the role of other community agencies in preventing and dealing with bullying.

          the school promotes habits of mutual respect, courtesy and interdependence of people in groups and communities.

          the school promotes values of respect, responsibility, resilience, achievement and care and empathy amongst all its members.

          staff members share a collegial responsibility, under the direction of the executive, to act to prevent bullying and aggressive behaviour by any member of the school community.

          this bullying policy is also available in the student record book.

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